Digital Realty Trust is a large, international organisation with a network of data centres throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. McLaren built a complex of turnkey data centres at the company’s data centre development in Redhill. The centres use special cooling systems to handle the megawatts of IT loads they handle. 

This development involved the construction of data centres S120, S130, S140, S150 and S160. They range in size from 11,000 sq ft to 1,484 sq ft and are constructed using proprietary pods that provide power, cooling security and fire suppression. Each turnkey space can scale from hundreds of kilowatts to megawatts of IT load.

Each centre consists of three different types of pod, each supplied by EDF via 11KV service runs. The 1,440KW pods have a capacity of 3.0 MVA, the 720KW pod, 1.5 MVA, and the 2,160KW pods, 4.5 MVA. The plan for each pod required multiple diesel generators, configured to ensure a redundancy allowance of N+1. The backbone of the central power is a series of multiple UPS modules, arrayed in a fully redundant 2N configuration.

Cooling infrastructure comprises air cooled chillers for each centre, and air handlers to ensure peak heat rejection performance. The 2,160 TKD has four 950KW air cooled chillers, the 1,440 TKD has three, and the 720 TKD has two. All the air cooled chillers are configured as N+1 and work with 90KW CRAH units, set up in an N+2 configuration for each pod.