McLaren’s work on the stunning City of Westminster College, the largest Learning Skills Council funded scheme in the UK, delivers state of the art teaching and learning facilities in an inspirational building.

The City of Westminster College, regarded as the Learning Skills Council’s flagship project, set the benchmark for future college developments across the UK. Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s design was selected from 100 entries across Europe on the basis of its “sustainability, sensitivity to the surrounding urban environment and its inherent understanding of modern educational requirements”.

Constructed in the West London regeneration area of Paddington Green, the heart of this landmark development is a dynamic inner atrium. The central gallery space acts as the building’s hub while the circulation and meeting space, filled with natural light, leads to adjacent areas that provide academic and practical teaching facilities, such as an open learning centre, meeting rooms, administrative accommodation and flexible seminar spaces. The project also included the building of cafeteria facilities for the staff and students.

As with all education facilities operations, McLaren ensured the students’ education was not affected by the contract works by adopting out of hours working when required.