McLaren was appointed to build the exciting new Headquarters for Aston Martin Cognizant's Formula One Team (AMF1), to include all aspects of Formula 1 car development, construction and preparation. This new factory is designed to turbo charge AMF1's trajectory towards the top within the sport, ensuring they are right up there in competing with the other premier F1 teams.

The Headquarters includes a new building of circa 16,250sq.m (nett) over two floors with associated parking and landscaping. This is a bespoke facility, with a layout that is fine-tuned for the design and production of Formula 1 racing cars. Arranged around a central glazed street which acts as the ‘heart’ of the team space, this design ensures that all areas are in close proximity under one roof. A large design office is located on the first floor with close connections to the ground floor process areas.

A new single point of access at the north-east of the site from Dadford Road provides both formal and service access to the site, and an internal road network is proposed to enable the traffic associated with the site to be divided according to its end purpose. As part of the entrance to the building, there is landscaping in the form of terracing to provide a formal setting along with a ‘garden’ area which also includes VIP parking.