Smoothie Bikes

The smoothie bike – otherwise known as a juice bike or juicer bike – has quickly become a popular activity at wellbeing events and health promotions in communities, schools and workplaces alike. It involves the use of stationary bikes that harness pedalling energy to power a blender.

Fruit and juice are added to the blender jug and after approximately 1 minute of pedalling the cyclist is served their healthy, nutritious drink. The exercise lifts the participant’s (and spectator’s) mood and reminds our normally sedentary colleagues that raising their heart rate actually makes them feel good! It is a great way to promote healthy eating, exercise and sustainable energy in a unique and engaging way.

Smoothie bike events were held separately at Chiswell Street office, Biscuit Factory, Wembley, Nile Street and New Bracken House, all with the ultimate aim of achieving a good mix of office and sitebased involvement. The hosts on the day were very enthusiastic and managed to break the ice and persuade a number of people to try it out. Altogether, the events were enjoyed by some 350 people including McLaren staff, project partners and the supply chain.

Flu Vaccination

In addition to the obvious benefit of protecting the health of the workforce, flu jabs can reduce absenteeism and improve morale. Three of our sites – Goresbrook Park, Tiger Way and Sloane Gardens – recognised this and decided to offer free vaccination to a total of twenty McLaren staff in January.

Urban Massage

The Wembley team brought ‘Urban Massage’ to the project site which involved ten-minute sessions of head and neck massage being delivered by a qualified masseur throughout the day to help de-stress and improve mental health in the workplace. This was a hugely popular event and one enjoyed by 33 McLaren staff and sub-contractors.

Free Fruit Day

A number of sites implemented this initiative as an effective means to promote healthy eating to the workforce.

McLaren Group Smoothie Bikes