This week is National Apprenticeship Week and we are excited to be celebrating the hard work of our Apprentices and all their achievements within the McLaren Apprenticeship Programme.

About the McLaren Apprenticeship Programme

McLaren is committed to delivering our Diversity & Inclusion, Employment and Skills legacy within our local communities and recruiting and supporting our apprentices is key to that objective. Our Apprenticeship Programme provides an excellent framework for initial professional development.  We are committed to providing our people with every opportunity to gain experience and to put into practice the learning they are gaining at College and University.

Our Apprentices are supported on a regular basis to ensure they are receiving the right on the job training and exposure to relevant areas of the business. Apprentices are also encouraged to grow and develop their Continuous Personal Development from day one to support building their e-portfolio.

Entry requirements are GCSE (or equivalent) in Maths, English and IT at Grade 4 which allows apprentices to study without the need to undertake key skills training.

Throughout this week we will be showcasing a number of our Apprentices, starting today with an interview with our Assistant Site Manager, James Preston.

How did you hear about the McLaren Apprenticeship Programme and what made you choose the apprenticeship route?

Prior to joining McLaren I was an apprentice at a company where I was then acquainted with someone who had previously worked at McLaren and I was asked whether I’d like an interview with the company, I jumped at the offer!

Since joining the apprenticeship programme and it has without a doubt been the best decision I could’ve made. Being able to be a part of a project, receive first hand on the job work experience, as well as studying towards a qualification, is what attracted me toward the apprenticeship scheme.

Why did you choose Construction and what was it like meeting the team and now working with them?

Construction has always interested me, from starting from the foundations, building something from nothing and ending up something spectacular is difficult to not gain anyone’s attention. I’d also say the calibre of people who tend to work in construction are second to none, just some of the many reasons which attract people to the industry.

Meeting a new team is always a bit daunting, however I was made to feel at home straight away. One of the things about McLaren is the family approach within the company, this comes under one of our main values, Togetherness. Everyone at McLaren wants to help you on your career path and support you with your progression as a professional.

What do you enjoy most about your Apprenticeship and what are some of the benefits?

I’d say the thing I enjoy most about my apprenticeship are the networking opportunities. During your apprenticeship period you meet so many people in the exact same situation as you and more likely than not you’ll end up seeing these people again, construction is a small industry. Another thing is at McLaren, we participate in Trainee Workshops in which we complete team building exercises which also has many benefits.

Some of the benefits of the apprenticeship programme is you gain experiences from learning on the job which long term pays off massively. Secondly, you get to earn a great salary whilst learning and lastly, there are no study fees, so many people get into huge debt with university fees but with an apprenticeship that is all covered.

What does Career progression look like for you?

Career progression is different for everyone however if you’re driven and hardworking, in McLaren you can thrive. A good way to plan your progression would be to set goals, set dates and do everything in your power to achieve them, following this system, you’re capable of achieving anything.

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