Slips and trips are the most common cause of injury at work. On average, they cause 40% of all reported major injuries and can lead to other types of serious accidents, for example falls from height. Slips and trips are also the most reported injury to members of the public.

During 2016, McLaren Construction reported 17 accidents reportable to the HSE under the ‘Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations’ (RIDDOR). Of the 17 accidents reported, 6 of these were as a result of slips or trips and 1 was as a result of falling, This equates to 41% of all RIDDOR reportable accidents being attributable to ‘slips, trips and falls’.

Slips, trips and falls also accounted for over a fifth of all minor accidents reported at site. During 2016, McLaren recorded 144 minor accidents. Of the 144 accidents, 1 was as a result of falling and 22 were as a result of slips or trips. This equates to 16% of all minor accidents being attributable to ‘slips, trips and falls’

‘Slips, trips and falls’ are responsible for almost a fifth of all accidents on McLaren Construction sites.

The ‘slips, trips and falls’ campaign was distributed by the SHEQ team to every McLaren Construction site and was attended by McLaren management teams, supply chain management and workforce. Presentations were given highlighting the causative factors behind slips, trips and falls and the potential for serious impact and life changing consequences resulting from a slip, trip or fall.

Good practice to mitigate slips, trips and falls were highlighted and following the campaign, observed at site and included;

  • Black topped car parks/ welfare, with designated routes,
  • Good segregation and site walkway pedestrian hoop set-up
  • Stone and blacktop formed walkways and boot wash
  • Highlighted changes in level and/ or trip hazard measures
  • Proprietary cable measures (Sky Hook)
  • Regular housekeeping tours and improved waste management
  • Co-operation in the McLaren near miss reporting system
McLaren Group safety and health