0.5 million workers suffering from work related musculoskeletal disorders. In 2016, six reportable accident were suffered across all projects resulting from manual handling activities with our supply chain members. These reportable accidents range from pushing, pulling and the operation of equipment provided to assist in manual handling.

The reduction in accidents and protection of our workforce are key to the success of our business. Following a review of all accidents across the business, manual handling was identified as a key risk.

In line with our campaigns programme, manual handling was included. A Manual Handling presentation and associated posters were prepared and delivered across all projects by the respective SHE Managers and project teams.

The presentation had a clear focus on:

  • Legal: compliance/criminal law
  • Social: fewer accidents, less sick days/absenteeism
  • Financial: Accidents cost money – civil liability
  • Personal: avoid pain, loss, health problems

The aim of the campaign was to raise the awareness of the McLaren project teams and the supply chain members in the pitfalls of manual handling and musculoskeletal disorders resulting from construction related associated activities. The campaign was well attended across the business with over 130 McLaren staff and over 750 supply chain members receiving the training.

The importance of good planning identification of risk and training, are key to the reduction in accidents across our business. Everyone has a responsibility to Plan, Do, Check, Act to achieve the correct balance between our policies, procedures and the behavioural aspect of our project management. Our supply chain must contribute to this process to assist in the reduction of accidents.

The successful delivery of this campaign by the SHEQ and project team members has raised the awareness and importance of safe manual handling techniques. The implementation of the right technique can significantly reduce the risk of injury. The importance of the provision of suitable INFORMATION, INSTRUCTION & TRAINING is key to the reduction of injuries.

McLarem Group safety and health Manual Handling