McLaren has recently received a Global Gold Award at the Green World Environment Awards and become a Green World Ambassador. These have been awarded to McLaren after winning an International Bronze Green Apple Award 2018 with the Nile Street scheme.

The Green World Environment Awards were launched as the top tier of the Green Apple Awards – enabling companies and organisations to gain more environmental recognition. The Green Apple Awards are the longest-serving international environmental awards. The main aims of the awards are to improve environmental performance, to encourage the efficient use of resources and to support the wider goals of sustainable development.

Alan Blanchett, McLaren Group’s SHEQ Director said: “As a leading contractor, McLaren is committed to continuous environmental improvement – embedding environmental awareness in all activities, both on construction sites and in regional offices, including design and procurement practices. We are thrilled to have been recognised for our efforts by Green World Environment Awards.”

As Green World Ambassadors, McLaren will continue promoting environmental best practice on all of its sites, conducting activities in a way that gives due consideration to the planet’s resources, both in the short and long term.

Green World Ambassador