Prime Minister David Cameron attended and formally opened the new production facility for the renowned Formula 1 team company, Williams Grand Prix Engineering Ltd.

Verve, McLaren’s motor sports division, was responsible for the successful delivery of a new steel framed motor vehicle production and R&D facility next to the current F1 conference centre.

The core production facility is 6,370 sqm, housing specially constructed pits incorporating F1 apparatus. One of the main elements to the construction works was accommodating VIP and media tours. The visitor experience is key, both during the construction and now as the facility is live. It features a viewing gallery of the production, as well as a feature entrance for VIPs. This entrance hallway incorporates high end finishes, showcasing Williams’s memorabilia, cars and media screens. External works included yard areas to allow for storage of finished F1 cars.

Frank Williams, owner of Williams Grand Prix Engineering, attended along with other business leaders from Formula 1. They also went on a tour of the new facility which also took them around Mr Williams’ car collection in the museum.

David Cameron opens F1 production facility