McLaren Construction has teamed up with client Essential Living to revive a beloved community area, the Weavers Field Adventure Playground.

McLaren is the main contractor on Essential Living’s Farrier House project, due for completion in early 2017. The playground is a short walk away from the development.

Essential Living Future, the Community Interest Company founded by Essential Living organised a volunteer day on the 12th June at the playground with volunteers, contractors and staff, who helped clear out the run down play area.

Michael McKeon, Site Manager at McLaren Construction, said:

‘We were very excited to get involved, as the playground has seen better days and it was great to have some input into bringing it back to life. So far McLaren has helped cleaning the grounds and we are eager to help out with any other maintenance work to revive the adventure playground. I’m sure the end result it will bring a lot of joy to the children and families that use the play area and the residents around it.’’

Weavers Fields is a unique play space in Bethnal Green, opened in 1974 and has since then offered various activities for children from arts and crafts to cooking and sports. The site is managed by the Weavers Adventure Playground Association which was established with the key aim of promoting inclusion and social cohesion. The charity also advises young adults on different subjects through workshops including antisocial behaviour, knife crime, personal and social development, building self-esteem and decision-making.

Damon Brown, Essential Living’s programme manager on the Farrier House project, said:

“The playground is very popular with the local children so it’ll be great for everyone involved to see such a valuable spot brought back to life. The volunteer day on the 12th June was just the start. Over the next few months we will work our way across the rest of the site with our dedicated task force of generous volunteers and skilled tradesman.

“As Essential Living will manage our developments as the operator, it is incredibly important for us to integrate with the community and do what we can to create better places, not just for everyone to live, but for everyone to play.”