About the McLaren Apprenticeship Programme

McLaren is committed to delivering our Diversity & Inclusion, Employment and Skills legacy within our local communities and recruiting and supporting our apprentices is key to that objective.

Our Apprenticeship Programme provides an excellent framework for initial professional development.  We are committed to providing our people with every opportunity to gain experience and to put into practice the learning they are gaining at College and University.

Our Apprentices are supported on a regular basis to ensure they are receiving the right on the job training and exposure to relevant areas of the business. Apprentices are also encouraged to grow and develop their Continuous Personal Development from day one to support building their e-portfolio.

Entry requirements are GCSE (or equivalent) in Maths, English and IT at Grade 4 which allows apprentices to study without the need to undertake key skills training.

Our Approach

The commitment to our people's development underpins the McLaren culture, we believe that the most important resource in any forward thinking business is the knowledge and skills that our colleagues hold and it is our aim to provide an innovative environment in which our people can flourish. 

As part of the programme our team has recently launched the first quarterly apprenticeship workshop.

The McLaren Apprenticeship Workshop

Launched in November, the first Apprenticeship workshop was a remarkable success. The beginning of the workshop focused on growing people skills, followed by a site tour facilitated by one of our trainees. The apprentices' completed tasks between each workshop to continually develop their communication and networking skills amongst one another.

Collaboration and coming together as one team is particularly important as this enables them to develop their people skills which will feed into their qualification and professional memberships, whilst also creating a peer support network.

These quarterly workshops will contribute toward the trainees off the job hours, CPD and Professional Charterships. Future sessions will rotate beginning in London then facilitated in the northern regions.