By far the most popular option chosen, the health MOT day provided by Clarity Healthcare Limited focused on raising the general awareness on healthy eating, lifestyle, hydration, weight loss/gain, body fat percentage measurement, metabolic age, basal calories rate, bone density, high blood pressure, healthy BMI, glucose and protein in urine for traces of diabetes.

During the campaign period, Clarity visited The Biscuit Factory, Camden Town Hall Annexe, Goresbrook Park, Tiger Way, BMW Swindon, Nile Street, Birmingham, Brentwood, Project Heart, Intu Lakeside, Project Loop, Sloane Gardens, Drake Circus, Victoria Drive, Wembley, Bromley and Chiswell Street. In total, over 270 one-to-one consultations with McLaren staff as well as sub-contractors were undertaken, resulting in 23 referrals to the medical practitioner due to the identification of various health conditions.

McLaren Occupational Health

Everyone who took part gained something from their appointment. Some, who were surprised by their metabolic age, were inspired to make simple adjustments to their lifestyle routine. A number of sub-contractors even ended up joining the gym as a result.

Some useful comments left by those following an appointment include:

  • ‘The MOT health checks were superb!’
  • ‘I had never had a health check before and was very surprised with the outcome’
  • ‘Amazing! One of the best things I’ve ever done’
  • ‘If I could, I’d do one every month’
  • ‘Worrying’
  • ‘An eye-opener’
  • ‘I found the MOT health checks great’


To ensure we continue to reap the benefits from this as well as other specified services, McLaren are on the verge of entering into a Standard Level Agreement with Clarity. An official announcement will be made once the agreement is signed and becomes effective for implementation.