The health, safety and wellbeing of our customers, colleagues, supply chain partners and the wider public is our top priority.

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, we continue to evolve our business continuity procedures to safeguard our people and operations, in line with HM Government advice.

Business continuity procedures are established within our business units, projects, and supply chain in line with the following three scenarios:

Scenario one: normal site operation
Scenario two: social distancing and remote working protocols
Scenario three: closure of projects

Scenario one: normal site operation

  • Not to be resumed until further instruction from HM Government
  • We have developed processes to cover:
  • Process of communicating HM Government guidance to project teams
  • Coordinating and re-establishing business and project operations to full capacity

Scenario two: social distancing and remote working protocols

At the time of this communication (23 March 2020) this is the current status of all our projects (subject to HM Government guidance).

The main elements that have deployed throughout our offices, and projects cover the following topics:

  • Resource planning
  • Daily health and safety project resource level checks
  • Social distancing
  • Remote working and resource rotation
  • Personal hygiene, cleaning and equipment
  • Site access/egress control
  • Meetings and gatherings
  • Foreign travel
  • Training
  • Supply chain – materials and labour contingency plans
  • Site canteens and food preparations

Scenario three: closure of projects

All business units and project teams have developed their strategy to deal with any project closures:

Management and contacts

  • Primary point of contact during closure for all stakeholders

Site security

  • Project Security and Inspection plan during closure

Project checks

  • Site closure checks at point of closure

Community relations

  • Community communications plans

Our focus is the safe continuity of business during this period and we will continue to review our solutions as the situation evolves.

McLaren Group