Delivering a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Chelsea

Our specialist London team has recently delivered the redevelopment and fit-out of a 14-suite, 5-star boutique hotel Beaverbrook Town House. Located in one of London’s most luxury retail destinations, this 14,625 sq ft hotel has been designed to be one-of-a-kind.

More about the project
Previously known as Durley House, The Beaverbrook Town House used to be two terraced Georgian Houses that were later converted into a block of flats. Today, it has become the 9th hotel owned by developer Cadogan Estates. Beaverbrook Town House boasts a dazzling Art-Deco inspired bar with Japanese cuisine in the Fuji Grill, providing cover for 60 dining guests.

Significant structural alterations were made to the hotel alongside fit out works for our repeat customer. The development delivers the hotel to the 21st century and restoring a Georgian facade reveals its former glory.

Originally built in the 18th century, minor elements of the brickwork were preserved while almost everything else was rebuilt. As the previous layout of Beaverbrook Town House was dated and unfit for future use, we demolished the interior parts of the building utilising only the frame for the new internal build.

Lighting technology – RAKO system
The façade lighting is controlled via the RAKO system that can be accessible via an app. This smart lighting technology enables operational staff to alter the settings and dim external lights to set the mood, match the season or our unpredictable weather or tailor it for a special event.

Logistical challenges – working on a landlocked building
A complex temporary works scheme was put in place to retain the integrity of the building frame structure without compromising the two terraced properties.

Logistically, the removal of very old existing floors and front facades were some of the more difficult tasks to complete. As the site was landlocked on three sides, the building was only accessible from the front. A temporary pit lane was set up to receive deliveries on Sloane street.

Working with the local community
Over 14,000 hours were delivered on site, using supply chain partners from the neighbourhood. For the duration of the project our on-site roles such as labourers, traffic-marshals and gatemen and any temporary agency staff were engaged via local supply chain partners in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea only.

In order to preserve an aged Cherry Blossom Tree that was originally planted by one of the local residents, our team took tree-root-cutting so the tree shrubs could be replanted and regrown across the road – in the communal gardens of Cadogan Square. Cadogan Place Garden is a Grade ll registered park and garden filled with 300-year-old Mulberry trees, a tennis court and a dog walking garden. Our project team achieved a ‘Very Good’ BREAAM rating.

The project is part of a £40m initiative for the Cadogan Estate, developments that Cadogan trusts will ensure that Sloane Street remains the most elegant shopping destination; they have committed to make the area more beautiful, inspiring, greener, cleaner and better connected.

Beaverbrook Town House