The things that make us care

Looking after our people and the public

Every day at McLaren, our priority is to keep people safe during their working hours to ensure they make it back home safely to their loved ones. This is embodied in our cultural behavioural programme; ‘Work Safe Home Safe’.

Some companies talk safety, at McLaren, we live it. We strive to make safety our first choice and second nature, so that people go home from work safely every single day.

Our key health and safety pillars are communication, awareness and accountability. Understanding these pillars and embracing them as part of our culture is essential to keeping each other safe in the workplace, whether we’re on site or working in the office.

Some say there is an inherent risk working in construction – we refuse to believe this. No harm should come to anyone as a result of our business which is why we make safety a personal responsibility for each and every one of our workforce.

Work Safe Home Safe - The three pillars


A behavioural safety culture that learns lessons and is built upon excellent business-wide communication.

Be aware.

Our people are educated, informed and vigilant at every turn, always looking out for themselves and others.

Be accountable

Standing up and being counted means every colleague making safety their personal responsibility.

Work Safe Home Safe - Our cultural safety programme

Communicate. Be aware. Be accountable.

Our Work Safe Home Safe vision is supported by:

  • A comprehensive and fully developed management system in accordance with OSHAS 18001
  • Fully trained staff at all levels, especially site management teams – supported by our in-house Training Academy
  • Access to the latest health and advice information
  • Regular inspections and audits of company premises and operational construction sites by our SHEQ team

Evolving what we do. The route to 2025

Looking ahead for the next few years, McLaren are on a fast-track trajectory to make major improvements to how we operate. Our safety performance to date is right up there with the very best in our industry, but there's still room for improvement. In particular we will be focusing heavily on digitisation and gathering data to inform our trend analysis and to drive all our initiatives.

Staff wellbeing is another big focus area. Between 2022 and 2025, our team are developing a brand new, enhanced wellbeing and occupational health programme so we can take exceptional care of all our people.

2022 H&S outlook

McLaren have just launched a new 3-year Health, Safety and Wellbeing strategy. This includes fundamental changes to how we deliver health and safety with a strategy that encompasses our ‘Work Safe Home Safe’ vision, ensuring that our cultural message is supported by real actions across all areas of the Group.

Launching McLaren Assure, our latest SHEQ software partnership allows us to record health and safety audits, inspections, incidents and reports as never before, integrating 'Bio-site' data from all our projects. This new platform enables us to have real-time performance data that can be assessed from a project, region or sector perspective, to analyse trends faster than ever.

At McLaren, we also recognise the importance of employees’ occupational health and wellbeing, and we are investing heavily in this area working with an occupational health specialist to develop a bespoke programme for our workforce and supply chain partners.

Mental health matters

Construction is a rewarding and varied industry to work in, but it is also one where pressures can be high. People are more likely than average to experience work-related stress and other mental health issues. For our people, it often hasn’t felt easy to come forward and mention that something is wrong or ask a colleague to talk.

But things are changing. More and more construction businesses like us are starting to view their staff’s mental health as a priority. And with plenty of help, information and training available, it’s easier than ever to put mental health and wellbeing at the heart of what we do, creating numerous initiatives and support mechanisms for everyone across the business.

Focused on wellbeing

The impact of the built environment on wellbeing is significant. We build offices, schools, neighbourhoods, businesses, and cultural centres; all of which can positively influence the wellbeing of those who use or live in these structures.  Buildings have the power to lift the spirit, improve health and create communities where people can thrive. 

The construction sector has a huge influence on the wellbeing of our employees. Just as we ensure we operate responsible businesses, minimising harm to the environment through construction, we must also continue to push boundaries so we can eliminate harm to the health of those who work in the industry.

Going for Gold

McLaren has recently achieved a Gold Medal, the fifth of five consecutive Gold Medals, in the internationally renowned RoSPA Health and Safety Awards, the longest-running industry awards scheme in the UK.

This has been awarded in recognition of the company's practices and achievements in helping our colleagues and subcontractors get home safely at the end of each working day. We were able to achieve this through the dedication and hard work of our SHEQ team and it's great to see this being recognised by RoSPA.

ROSPA Gold Award 5 years in a row! - A word from SHEQ Director, Alan Blanchett

To be awarded the RoSPA Gold for the fifth year in a row and receive the Gold Medal is an incredible achievement for everyone involved with McLaren Construction.

This recognises our commitment to continuous improvement in accident and ill health prevention at work. It’s a credit to all and shows a great safety culture throughout McLaren and an accolade we are very much proud of achieving”.

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