Reliable and connected data will become our differentiator and drive decision making and future project performance​

McLaren recognise the value of digitally enabled and integrated processes that allow us to deliver efficiently designed, constructed, and managed projects. Our innovative and flexible approach ensures that solutions are tailored to suit a projects requirements delivering value whilst providing certainty with regards to programme and cost. ​

McLaren has a dedicated digital information management team providing industry leading technical expertise to define, maintain and deliver our digital strategy across our entire portfolio. ​

Building the right way

Digital Leaders

  • Digital Information Management function combining information managers and digital construction specialists – avoiding silos
  • Problem-solvers allowing us to develop innovative solutions to suit our clients needs
  • In-house digital construction specialism giving clients assurance of our commitment  
  • Specialisation to allow McLaren to operate in multiple sectors 
  • Competent, skilled and trained people with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Competency assessment to ensure we meet legislative requirements

Leading Edge Processes

  • Leading edge & consistent processes driving governance and compliance
  • Flexibility built-in allowing processes to be tailored to suit the bespoke needs of our customers whilst still delivering an end-to-end information management solution
  • Processes aligned w/ ISO 19650 allowing McLaren to achieve BSi accreditation
  • Digital first processes aligned with ‘Golden Thread’ Principles and incorporating requirements from Building Safety Act 2022

Best-in-Class Technology

  • Approach to work with best in-class technology providers
  • Enterprise agreements with key technology partners Asite and Dalux
  • Aligned to process to ensure consistent application and adoption
  • Integrate our software and management platforms to create centralized projects and business management data sources

At McLaren we have a clear and defined set of BIM and digital construction activities structured according to project function. We recognise that some digital tools and processes are not applicable, or beneficial, to some projects therefore we use the framework to identify and select which activities are required to ensure we deliver value whilst satisfying our obligations to our customers.

Informed Decision Making

McLaren fully integrate data across their businesses, creating a competitive advantage and ‘designing out’ past inefficiencies, a trend which accelerates as we obtain more data.​

We use predictive analytics to forecast risks by collating information about a forthcoming project and comparing it with previous data from similar jobs.​

Using digital analysis, we can highlight whether a particular project is at risk of cost, time or health and safety issues looking at all factors from construction processes and materials through to environmental conditions like the weather

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