Our Vision & Values

Where we are going and how we behave to get there.

From modest beginnings, McLaren has grown to become one of the UK’s most successful privately owned businesses. With around 700 employees, we continue to grow sustainably every year. In the UK, we now have permanent offices in London, Brentwood, Harold Wood, Reading, Birmingham and Manchester.

Our people deliver commercial offices, mixed-use developments, residential homes, retail, schools and colleges, distribution and logistics centres, hotels and leisure facilities to name a few key sectors that improve people’s lives.

Our commitment to customers and employees is to be far more than just a builder. Alongside McLaren construction, we also have McLaren Property and McLaren Living to invest in and develop projects of our own across the UK.

Areas of focus for 2022 - 2025

Further investmentSustainabilityOur customers are tackling some of our greatest challenges. They are delivering sustainable buildings and resilient infrastructure in the face of climate change, working to decrease their environmental footprint. Our methods and solutions will respond to these goals and support customer target by commiting to Net Zero Carbon by 2025 for scope 1 and 2 emissions, and Net Zero by 2045 for scope 3.
Further investmentTechWhile we embark on a digitalisation journey, a key target is to develop our own in-house common data environment – a single source of data that will store all project records. In the next three years, our teams will adopt a multitude of new systems such as Asite, to help bring extensive amounts of data together, analyse trends and develop robust strategies for more efficient delivery.
More progressPublic SectorSince 2017, the public sector has become a bigger focus area for our business. Previously at just under 5% of revenue, in the past 5 years this has now grown to over 20% and we want to go even further. We have invested a great deal in our teams and solutions to drive value for Local Authority and Central Government partners and aim to continue with this progress.
New focusEducation & HealthcareEducation and healthcare are areas where we are doubling our efforts for 2022 and beyond. McLaren is well established at delivering educations schemes, but since being appointed to the EFA Framework in 2022 we are now setting up a specialist team for all EFA work. Healthcare is also an emerging sector and we will use our latest project, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, as a springboard to more success here.

Our Values

We evolve and adapt

As a supremely agile business, our people need to think outside of the box, overcome challenges and deliver a can-do-culture for our customers in an ever-changing marketplace.

We are always learning

There's no space for complacency. Whether it's about technical delivery, personal development, strategic thinking or how we interact with each other, our people will always strive to learn more and help McLaren grow on all fronts.

We protect our planet

As a major contractor, we are uniquely placed to reduce our impact on some incredibly large and complex projects. We take this very seriously and utilise are positioning ourselves at the forefront of the sector through our Net Zero Carbon strategy.

Health, safety and beyond

Every day we keep people safe across our business, but there's a lot more to it than just safety management. Our teams collaborate in numerous ways to improve the wellbeing of our people and others we work with.

We make customers smile

What we bring is creative thinking and something a little different. We like to think of ourselves as a dynamic partner with highly tailored construction solutions. This is reinforced by our large pipleine of work built upon repeat business.